The Unmistakable Symbol of Italian Excellence – Menabrea

Menabrea is a brand built on passion, craft, integrity and true Italian authenticity; we are the oldest continuously producing brewery in Italy.

In 1864, Giuseppe Menabrea travelled to Biella and discovered an underground cave system ideal for the traditional process of ‘lagering.’ Combined with the pure water and the fresh air from the region, it was the perfect location to build a brewery. For over 150 years our family have brewed their incredible birra, in the same location using our own recipe and only 5 ingredients; water, barley, hops, yeast and brewer’s maize.

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The water used in the Menabrea brewing process still flows naturally from Alpine glaciers directly into the brewery. Once all the ingredients are sources they are brewed by our master brewer, then aged for 30 days in caves two storeys underground which is what allows Menabrea to acquire its unique signature taste.

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We are a proud Italian brand that values its strong cultural and family ties. Much like Pellicano Menswear we pride ourselves on being authentically Italian and doing everything with a touch of style, elegance and class. The passion that Italians have for life is what lies at the heart of Italian culture and it is this obsession with authenticity and truth that lie at the heart of Menabrea and Pellicano Menswear.

Find out more about the unmistakable symbols of Italian Excellence:

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