Mick’s Blessings: Conference with Councillor Talbot – Tim Vickery

The keyboards were right up front on the first Style Council single, ‘Speak Like a Child,‘ and on ‘Party Chambers’ on the other side.  A statement was being made.  This was new, this was fresh and it was going to take us on a journey that was different from The Jam.  From the start, rocking […]

Drum Warrior: Conference with Councillor Steve White – Tim Vickery

Meeting In Progress In a World’s Strongest Man contest, someone has to finish last.  Someone has to be the weakest of the world’s strongest men. I bring this up because all of the times that I caught The Style Council they were great.  But there was one tour when they were less great than others.  […]

A Band of Great Promise – TSC Anthology Pt 1 – Tim Vickery

It was those Bengal stripes on the latest Pellicano offering that got me.  Broad and bold and bright, I was imagining strolling through St James Park with the sleeves rolled up, or with a navy blazer on top sitting outside in Soho, watching the world go by.  Or even a Paris.  The shirt sent me […]

Why Do Tennis Stars Wear Polo Shirts?

Why do tennis stars wear polo shirts? In truth, the modern pique polo shirt is a far cry from the rather smarter shirt ‘sported’ by British soldiers in India in the 19th century.  There would never have been ‘branding’ back then and the cut was that of a shirt with a curved hem that could […]

“I Sing Just To Know I’m Alive!” – the essential, soulful lockdown playlist

As the weeks pass by and each day merges in to the next, great music is essential to bring life and soul to the party. Friend of Pellicano Menswear and a lover of fine music; Ricardo @Rickafcw – Twitter) has kindly curated an eclectic mix of tunes and beats in our first playlist for these […]

From Soho to Sugar Loaf – “Much respect for the craft of yesterday, today and tomorrow” – Tim Vickery

Those who have nipped by the benevolent beak of Pellicano, or brands mining a similar seam, might be termed, in the broadest sense of the world, a movement – or maybe a tendency, a tribe, a group of people for whom one of the quests while we’re passing through this planet is the acquisition of […]

“The Birth Of The Cool” with Tim Vickery

“I’m looking at some photos of The Small Faces as their glorious time together neared its end.  The shoes are still on point.  But the hair is lank and the clothes are very disappointing.  1965 has given way to 1968, and sloppy has replaced sharp. The times had a-changed, and were still changing with bewildering […]

Pellicano in The Media – the first interview

“Pellicano is a celebration of that and the attitude of the common man: to always present yourself with pride, dignity and individuality – keep your head held high,” explains Mick, proud owner of Pellicano Menswear. “With quality, ethics and individualism sitting at its core and without the hefty price-tags that go with so many of […]

Soul Grooves with Sir Horace

Sir Horace is a very busy man with many creative skills. He is an established artist and was recently was commissioned to create a series of artwork to celebrate 80 years of the Beano. He is currently presenting his Japanese Vending Machines .exhibition. However, Horace is best known as the bass player with British seminal […]

“Maradona – Rebel. Hero. Hustler. God.”

Neil Clack – author of “Animals! : The Story of England v Argentina reviews the latest film to highlight the life of Diego Maradona. Did Diego Maradona snuff it then? I must’ve been hiking up a mountain somewhere, cut off from the world, when that happened, no doubt a result of his horrific and incurable drug […]

Long Hot Summer Playlist compiled by Steve White

Prepare for the holidays  with the latest summer playlist from former Councillor Mr Steve White,  34 years after The Style Council‘s appearance on Live Aid. Take it away Steve:   ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ – Roy Ayers: “Everybody’s favourite funky vibes man with a laid back touch of sunshine  jazz funk.” Here at Glastonbury 2019: […]

Havana Club for Summer

Pressure Drop An elegant, cultured, summer shirt has been on the agenda for a number of years – several requests later and the procrastination has come to an end. An obvious choice would have been a polo or  short sleeve button down. We have designed some wonderful long sleeve button downs, but I, in particular […]

Italians Shade It!

Not sure if it was the classic Alfa Romeo sports car, the imposing views of Lake Como or the retro black and white filming but I was besotted with the short film produced by The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear of Milan, Italy. Actually, I was looking out for a quality sunglasses brand – one that shared […]

He Bangs The Drum! In Conversation with Steve White

Mr Tim Vickery in conversation with Steve White  (former Style Councillor and Weller sticksman) and now of ‘Hague and White’ fame.   Many journos are insanely jealous of musicians. Doesn’t matter what we do as journalists, we just can’t ‘get’ people on the same level as they can. We just don’t help form  identities or […]

Style ‘n’ Stripes

Style n Stripes
The low down on the quintessential top for the high season
It is a style icon and long been a star of stage and screen, but the Breton stripe shirt is also a summer wardrobe essential.
Stolen from the French marin (sailor), and Italian gondoliers, the classic marinière has long been the preserve of pop royalty, tortured artists and smouldering matinee actors.

The Specials – ‘Encore’: Album Review

40 Years after The Specials first burst on to the scene with their own brand of ska, reggae and  rude boy style, are truly back at the top with ‘Encore’; the band’s first official number one selling album.  With calzone stuck in my throat, I took a big slug of my beer to help it […]

‘Il Boom & The Birth of Italian Style’

  The Birth of Italian Style. With exiled fashionista & BBC South American football expert – Mr Tim Vickery I sometimes think that Pellicano was set up with me in mind. It was Karl Marx himself who accused the English of ‘silly Italianism.‘  But how, I ask, could it otherwise be, condemned as we are […]

Hello John, Got a New Cap?

The Breton Cap -Style Icon?   John Lennon, Jeremy Corbyn and Paul Weller cannot all be wrong!   As with many items: denim work trousers, the duffel coat and popover shirt to name a few , the Breton mariners cap started as a functional, utilitarian  piece which has transcended its original design brief. “Caps of […]

Bond and The Style of Intelligence with Tim Vickery

Tim Vickery : exiled fashionista and BBC South American football expert talks James Bond and the style of Intelligence Sock it to ’em TV … After the disastrous Suez military campaign of 1956, beleaguered Prime Minister Anthony Eden took refuge in some rest and recuperation at ‘Goldeneye,’ the Jamaican house of Ian Fleming, creator of […]

Scott Mitchell on Mod, Cycling and Photography

It’s a busy life, snapping the Giro d’Italia, but Scott Mitchell – official photographer to Sir Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and presently Team Dimension Data -took time out to discuss all things mod, cycling and photography with Pellicano. Scott, for those who don’t already know you … “I’m a cycling photographer with a fine art […]

Forget the Beast – There’s a Heat Wave on Sunday with Martha Reeves

MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS WITH SUPPORT FROM BUTCH LEAKE OF THE DRIFTERS LIVE AT VILLAGE UNDERGROUND – SHOREDITCH, LONDON Sunday 11th March 2018 To buy tickets -click here   When looking for the perfect embodiment of the Motown sound and style, few fit the bill as well as Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. It […]

Coffee, Clobber & Cool Jazz -The Absolute Beginning

Part 2 of “I’m an Absolute Beginner “ By Tim Vickery – BBC south American football guru and fashionista   Tim sporting his Marco Paisley button down – handcrafted of course! ‘Absolute Beginners’ was published in 1959.  The audience would have been well aware that MacInnes was not being entirely faithful to fact – though […]

I’m an Absolute Beginner -Tim Vickery

“The first building block is modern jazz.  These days it is hard to imagine the traction that jazz had in the time before The Beatles.  But there was a rift in youth culture, before Mods and Rockers, that came to the surface in the 1960 Beaulieu Jazz Festival “

Bossa Nova – Latino Mod? The Thoughts of Tim Vickery

My alterations tailor in Rio de Janeiro is highly skilled, fourth generation in the profession, no less – but he had never heard of mohair, and flipped when I showed him my suit in the diamond fibre. This made me think of those aspects of our culture which have crossed the Atlantic, and those which […]

Memphis 68 – The Tragedy of Southern Soul

Memphis 68 – The Tragedy of Southern Soul    Following the highly successful ‘Detroit 67’ Stuart Cosgrove follows it with part 2 of his soul trilogy (Detroit 67 review – click here)      In this, the second volume in Cosgrove’s forensic recreation of three pivotal years in the story of American soul music, the […]

“Hello, darkness, my old friend.” – The Vietnam War Soundtrack

“Hello, darkness, my old friend.” “The Vietnam War” – A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick – THE SOUNDTRACK   Anyone who saw the epic TV history series, “The Vietnam War”, on BBC 2 recently will know just how much its visceral power and ultimately elegiac mood was created through the juxtaposition of devastating […]

A Special Top 10 from Sir Horace Panter

Friend of Pellicano Sir Horace Panter took time out from preparing  his part of the
Cassette Versus Vinyl Exhibition at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1 (19th 25th October) to put together an all time top 10 tunes (subject to change!).

Authentic Modernist Icon?

Modernist Icon?  The case for Archibald Leech, a poor kid born in Bristol. Presented by Mr Tim Vickery   Recently met up with a mate I hadn’t seen for 25 years.  He was struck but how well I’ve aged – which is always good to hear  and suggested me for the Michael Caine part should […]

The Tale of the Detroit

Sometimes you just feel it…

Detroit is like that. A mighty city, the engine of American capitalism and epicentre of the US automotive industry. The conveyor belts in the ‘ Big D’ haven’t just carried Mustangs and Firebirds; the musical heritage of the city is wide, varied and unrivalled: the proto punk of MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges (Ann Arbor) and post punk of The White Stripes; blues: (John Lee Hooker), RnB: Hank Ballard and Jackie Wilson; Eminem, Madonna, George Clinton, jazz, techno and soul … lots of soul has all rolled off the belts.

Earn Your Stripes …


My last post extolled the virtues of all things nautical and in particular the joys of the male winter coat par-excellence- The Pea coat. This week continues with the sea faring theme. Indeed not only is the Breton, which originated as a working top for Brittany fishermen, synonymous with the sea but it has also become a metaphor for all things French. Like the English bowler hat or the US cowboy boot it’s impossible to disentangle said item of clothing with the place of its birth; when we think of the Breton top we picture it alongside onions, berets, bicycles and the dodgy accents of ‘Ello Ello’.

Tanika Charles is an Authentic Soul!

Pellcicano guest reviewer Rick Thomas get to grips with the grooves of a modern authentic soul 45:

“Every once in a while a record comes out that blows you away, this is one of those. from the opening drum beat my feet were tapping and head was nodding to the rhythm! Then Tamika’s voice came in, this is a singer with a real soul voice, the sound grabs you and shakes you up, pure passion.”

Paolo Hewitt: Ronnie Lane Top 5 & the Iconic Popover Shirt

Author, fashionista and friend of Pellicano Paolo Hewitt kindly gave us 5 minutes from his writing schedule to have a chat.

“Was sat in a library thinking about Ronnie Lane when the phone rang. It was Mick, head of Pellicano Menswear. He wanted to know what I thought about popover shirts. I knew only one, that worn by Jagger on Ready Steady Go. ‘There are others,’ he told me. Let me send you some pics.’

‘Dread Times’ – Dreadzone Return

A Ghost in the Machine

A review of ‘Dread Times’ – the latest album from Dreadzone.

The Pea Coat – Nautical But Nice!

All the nice girls love a sailor…

And rightly so. Of all the services the navy has to be the most sartorially starred. Sure, the army have kitted out the men’s wardrobe with desert boots, fish-tail parkas and khaki chinos- all indispensable style classics for the modern day modernist. Those magnificent men in their flying machines have bombed us with combat jackets, aviator shades and er, pipes. However, neither holds a ship’s candle to the effortless elegance of the jolly Jack Tar.

Hipper than Hip: Modern Jazz & Ivy League Style

A Review of ‘Jazz Festival’ – Jim Marshall (Reel Art Press 2016)

As the British winter deepens and we clamour for our pea coats and scarves, the sun-kissed pages of Jazz Festival take you to somewhere warmer and rather more exotic.

Tap Into Steve Cradock …

Question & Answer Session with Steve Cradock

(courtesy of Ocean Colour Scene) – for OCS December UK Tour details see below:

Steve Cradock takes time out whilst on tour with The Specials to answer questions from Ocean Colour Scene fans from the comfort of The Specials jacuzzi at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall…

Hats off to the Cap Askew

The Baker Boy cap, said to be a combination of the 14th century Scots bonnet and Irish flat cap, became inextricably linked with working class culture. Not just baker/newsboys but Dockers, steel workers and costermongers wore its utilitarian style with pride. However, it also crossed the classes, becoming a firm favourite among the upper class sportsman and newly emerging topless motorists. A classless classic of the 1920’s only to face its decline in the need to emulate the brilliantine movie stars of the silent screen.

Roll Along Summer!!? – A Seasonal Top 10 From Mr. Vickery

Mr. Tim Vickery – Friend of Pellicano demonstrates how long a ‘Long Hot Summer’ should be!!

Summer’s light is dwindling in Britain, but as it does so the flame grows brighter and warmer in Brazil and therefore the time is right … for making lists of my favourite songs from my favourite season.

The shoes that keep on giving…

Brogues: The shoes that keep on giving…

To me the ultimate do-anything shoe has to be the brogue: the shoe which has its roots in the footwear of Irish and Scottish agricultural labour- brogue or brog means shoe in Gaelic. A shoe with class; a shoe with style; a shoe to fall in love with.

The Beat Goes On ..?

“The past isn’t dead. It’s not even past”. William Faulkner.

The difficultly of an art form that consciously adopts the styles and concerns of a by-gone era is that at best it can be seen as a nostalgic homage (a stance which has all the emotional resonance of an 1980’s Levi’s ad) and, at worse, something worthy of satire. After all, shouldn’t we be always searching for the new, the relevant, the now.

‘Modernism – a New Decade’ with Tim Vickery

A Fresh Look at Weller’s Greatest Modernist Incarnation (?)

By Mr Tim Vickery – South American football correspondent for the BBC & friend of the Pellicano Funksters!

The Unmistakable Symbol of Italian Excellence – Menabrea

Menabrea is a brand built on passion, craft, integrity and true Italian authenticity; we are the oldest continuously producing brewery in Italy.

Who You Calling Tubby?

A film review of Tubby Hayes – A Man In A Hurry’ – narrated by actor and Hayes fan Martin Freeman (produced by Mark Baxter/directed by Lee Cogswell) by     Best to get the excuses out-of-the-way first. Prior to watching Mark Baxter’s and Lee Cogswell’s masterful biopic about the legendary British Jazz man I didn’t […]

Ciao Franco! – The Essential Button Down

The Story of Franco Franco recently flew in from Italy. Cool, collected and very stylish. A contemporary, highly tailored take on the classic button down shirt. Conceived on the polo fields of England before making it’s way across the pond for Brooks and others to secure its status as a essential male clothing item. The button down […]

Miles Davis – The Substance of Style

by Flash Harry “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible…”  Oscar Wilde, like Miles Davis, knew a thing or two about substance and style and, as always, the pre-eminent stylist sticks an exquisitely crafted tie pin (with a mother […]

Paolo Hewitt – 10 Tunes Spinning on the Decks

Featuring: Dexys, Bobby Parris, Kamasi Washington and David Bowie The latest in our series of ‘Top Tens’ brings MrPaolo Hewitt (Author of over twenty books covering music, fashion and football) and a good friend of the brand to the stand. With a keen eye for a sharp shirt we have already collaborated on the ‘Paolo  […]

Mark Baxter – ‘Elizabeth, Peter and Me’

Elizabeth, Peter and Me: The Story of a Gems Heist, Grave Robbing and Bingo! The first solo novel by Mark Baxter – Second edition (2015) Previous works include: The Fashion of Football (with Paolo Hewitt) A to Z of Mod (also with Paolo Hewitt) “The name’s Vinny, Vinny Hawkins. I’m an old man now, in […]

The Story Of Detroit Soul and R&B – Groovesville USA

Groovesville USA – The Detroit Soul and R&B Index, by Keith Rylatt. A critical appreciation from D. Swift Esq My very good friend and Ace Face, Mr R (also the proprietor of that wonderful Men’s Clothing Range, Pellicano)recently asked me, over a small glass of fine wine, if I would trouble myself to cast a weary […]

Spectacular New Album by The Family Silver

A Modern Classic ‘Electric Blend’ by The Family Silver (released Friday 6th November) When I first heard about this project I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… The three individuals concerned Steve White, Matt Deighton & Damon Minchella have been a major part of my life & the reason I love music so much so without any hesitation I Pledged! […]

Detroit 67 – Soul Music, Street Crime & Social Rebellion

“Detroit ‘67”: the story of Motown in the year that the Motor City burned… January ‘67 in Detroit brought some of the worst snowfalls the city had ever seen and these were powerful portents of the upheavals which were to follow as that chaotic, dystopian year unfolded. The violent social and political conflicts that set […]