Paolo Hewitt: Ronnie Lane Top 5 & the Iconic Popover Shirt

Author, fashionista and friend of Pellicano Paolo Hewitt kindly gave us 5 minutes  from his writing schedule to have a chat.

“Was sat in a library thinking about Ronnie Lane when the phone rang. It was Mick, head of Pellicano Menswear. He wanted to know what I thought about popover shirts. I knew only one, that worn by Jagger on Ready Steady Go. ‘There are others,’ he told me. Let me send you some pics.’

Esqure on Mick Jagger and his iconic popover shirt

Mick R 14 resize

They arrived an hour later. There were shots of Kennedy, Agnelli and the Beach Boys wearing the style. But what really caught my eyes were the shots of Miles and Dylan wearing them. At various points these men have dressed exquisitely.

popover agnelli 5  popover miles popoverkennedy2

Agnelli                            Miles                                 JFK

popover bob dylan  popover -steve

Bob                                             Steve

I called him back. ‘I like the shirt’s fluidity,’ I told him, ‘the way it can move between peasant and sharp looking. Let’s make some.’

The Paolo Hewitt Popovers:

pp Box  A Mick 3 R resize

Mick 1 R2  pp3

‘What are you working on,’ he asked.

‘Thinking about a Ronnie Lane biog.’

‘How about you send me a top ten Lane song chart?’

‘Too busy. I’ll send you five instead.’

‘Done. By the way he would have loved a Popover himself.’

Never a truer word spoken

In no particular order then :”

Ronnie Lane’s Top 5 Tunes by Paolo:

1. Tin and Tambourine

2. Debris

3. Just For A Moment

4. Glad and Sorry

5. Richmond


Paolo is currently preparing:

‘Can You Show Me A Dream’New Ronnie Lane Biog – Paolo Hewitt

Paolo Hewitt

PPPaolo Pop3a


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